basic characters

Julius Piccolo: The central hero of the book. He was born at the inn “The Unlucky Trout,” where he also spent his early childhood. At the age of four, after sneaking into the room of a client of the inn, he will wind up blind, homeless, and without a father. He doesn’t give up and although blind, he has a zest for life and is optimistic. At some point, however, he decides to confront his past. So at the age of fourteen, he decides to discover the secret of the “Unlucky Trout.”

Marquis DiVenere: Often the external appearance of someone can be misleading; and seeing him, you want to slap him. But if you get to know him, you understand that he is really an amiable person…truly a sweet soul.
But this is not the case with Marquis DiVenere. Because when you get to know him better, you discover that he’s even more loathsome than his repugnant countenance suggests.
This arrogant and venal aristocrat will at some time reach Frogburg and will settle in at the inn “The Unlucky Trout.” The real purpose of his visit will come to the surface much later. What is certain is that in the four years that he stays there, he will cause a lot of grief. When he finally clears out, the lake will have been drained, the mysterious trunk of the inn gone, and the unlucky inn owners completely crushed.

Emily Codex: Julius Piccolo’s best friend. Passionate about science and the mind, she is constantly full of ideas that at first glance seem entirely paranoid. Among her discoveries is “invisible writing,” a technique that allows her to chat with her friend in class without their teacher being aware of what’s going on. Her big dream is to discover the old library of Frogburg. Because of this obsession of hers, she neglects her appearance, and the other children have stuck various nicknames on her like skewbald, witch, and trollop.

Fragoletta Piccolo: Owner of the inn “The Unlucky Trout” and mother of Julius. She adores her profession, loves her embroidered curtains, and has a passion for “spoon sweets.” After the continuous slaps in the face that fate has bestowed on her, however, she will lose not only her optimism, but also her own mind.
Velisarius Piccolo: Husband of Fragoletta, father of Julius and one of the town’s best fishermen. He dislikes the town’s dignitaries, and reacts to the Marquis’ plans for the reclamation of the lake. His favorite pursuit: fishing. His favorite phrase: “Always do the right thing.”

Sisyphus Epicedius: Husband of Erinia Epicedius and Julius’ uncle. He passes his life ensconced in his run-down easy chair, grouching and mourning over every little thing.
His habitual phrase: “How fast the damned years have rushed by!” followed by the refrain: “Lucky us”.

Erinya Epicedius: Julius’ aunt and wife of Sisyphus Epicedius. A gaunt woman, surly, and a whiner. She worships misfortune and self-punishment, and she likes to eat her trout cold and burnt, because that way it’s “unappetizing, just like life itself.”

Alaric Foray: Classmate of Julius and Emily. He has flunked his classes innumerable times. As the countless blackened eyes in the classroom attest to, he doesn’t hesitate to hit any child who gets on his nerves; and although many have been hit by him, they have not attempted any such thing themselves.

Themistocles Blister: The mayor of Frogburg and its environs, and a huge admirer of the Marquis DiVenere. He resides in City Hall and regularly visits a room, on the top floor, where Emily believes the old city library is hidden.

Thomas Torquemada: The great Spanish inquisitor. He was notorious for his cruelty, thanks to which he had acquired the nickname: “The hammer of heretics.” He set fire to countless books but also to more than 8,000 people. He himself died quietly and peacefully in his sleep in 1498 – or at least that’s what the history books say…

Al Ball Ibn Masoud El Turni: An eminent Arabian cartographer in history, builder of the largest and most detailed globe of the world – which some people say is larger than the earth itself. Because of a decision of the cartographic society that had a relationship with the town of Frogburg, El Turni put an end to his own life. His cat Ibrahim inherited his turban.

Mopsus: The hundredth reincarnation of an eminent ancient seer. It is a gigantic cephalopod that tyrannizes a dream-like spot called Coast of Shells. It purports to control the wishes of people and that it is the voice that whispers inside the shells.




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